iMac Repair Denton

iMac repair services Denton

Do you have a problem with your iMac and need to get it fixed? We understand your frustration when your iMac is not working properly or you’re having software issues or hardware related issues on your iMac. Computer repair Denton provides complete repair, upgrade, and support solutions for all of your iMac issues. We have a team of certified Mac repair technicians with several years of expertise in the field of Mac repair and providing IT solutions for individuals as well as small businesses. We also provide on-site and remote support services for any problems Mac related. Give us a call or stop by our Denton location to get quick and affordable mac support for your iMac.

We provide Mac support for all iMac® models including iMac® Retina® 5k 27-inch 2019(A2115), iMac® Retina® 4k 21.5-inch 2019(A2116), iMac® Pro 2017(A1862), iMac® Retina® 5k 27-inch 2017(A1419), iMac® Retina® 4k 21.5-inch 2017(A1418), iMac® 21.5-inch 2017 (A1418), iMac® Retina® 5k 27-inch 2015(A1419), iMac® Retina® 5k 21.5-inch, 2015(A1418), iMac® 21.5-inch Late 2015(A1418), iMac® Retina® 5k 27-inch, Mid 2015(A1419), iMac® Retina® 5k 27-inch Late 2014 (A1419), iMac® 21.5-inch Mid 2014(A1418), iMac® 27-inch Late 2013 (A1419), iMac® 21.5-inch Late 2013 (A1418), iMac® 21.5-inch early 2013 (A1418), iMac® 27-inch Late 2012(A1419), iMac® 21.5-inch Late 2012(A1418), iMac® 21.5-inch Late 2011(A1311), iMac® 27-inch Mid 2011 (A1312), iMac® 21.5-inch Mid 2011 (A1311), iMac® 27 inch Mid 2010 (A1312), iMac® 21.5-inch Mid 2010 (A1311), iMac® 27 inch Late 2009 (A1312), iMac® 21.5-inch Late 2009 (A1311), iMac® 20-inch Mid 2009(A1224), iMac® 24-inch 2009(A1225) and prior.


Some of our most common repair, upgrade and support service for iMac we provide for Denton includes

  • Slow iMac Repair Denton
  • iMac Operating System (macOS) configuration Denton
  • iMac No Power Repair Denton
  • iMac Question Mark Folder Repair Denton
  • iMac Hard Drive Replacement Service Denton
  • iMac SSD Upgrade Service Denton
  • iMac Memory Upgrade Service Denton
  • iMac Logic Board Replacement Service Denton
  • iMac Graphics Card Issue Repair Denton
  • iMac “?” Folder Sign Repair Denton
  • iMac Not Booting Repair Denton
  • iMac Facetime Camera Not Working Repair Denton
  • iMac Power Button Not Working Repair Denton
  • iMac Power Supply Repair Denton
  • iMac Retina Screen Repair Denton
  • iMac 27″ Repair Service Denton
  • iMac 21.5″ Repair Service Denton
  • iMac 5k Retina Display Repair Denton
  • iMac 4K Retina Display Repair Denton
  • iMac Wifi Not Working Repair Denton
  • iMac USB port not working repair Denton
  • iMac Beeping issue repair Denton
  • iMac White screen issue repair Denton
  • iMac Freezing and Lagging repair Denton

We provide support for all Apple Mac devices

Mac Computer repair service Denton

Express Professional iMac Repair Service Near Denton

Computer repair denton has a team of highly skilled technicians that are certified and have several years of expertise in fixing all kinds of Mac related issues. We are an independent company that provide Mac support, repair and upgrade options for all Mac devices including MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, etc. Our main goal is to provide complete services for all Mac devices for individuals and small businesses.

We service clients from all over Denton including Denton Bell Avenue, Denton Cement City, Denton Downtown, Denton Ector Street, Denton Forrestridge, Denton Idiot’s Hill, Denton Mockingbird-Audra, Denton Oak-Hickory, Denton Sequoia Park, Denton South East Denton, Denton Southridge, Denton Northpointe University Park, Denton West Oak Historic District, Denton Rayzor Ranch, Denton Robinson Oaks, Denton Cooper Crossing, Denton McKamy Evers, Denton Northridge, Denton Windsor Ridge Estates, Denton Southridge, etc.

We also cover zip code including Denton 75065, Denton 76201, Denton 76202, Denton 76203, Denton 76204, Denton 76205, Denton 76206, Denton 76207, Denton 76208, Denton 76209, Denton 76210, Denton 76226, Denton 76227, Denton 76247, Denton 76249, Denton 76259

iMac Repair Services We Provide In Denton

iMac Hard Drive Replacement Denton

Slow iMac Repair Service Denton

Is your iMac slow? Do you feel that it takes forever to load certain applications or even turn on your iMac? Do you always see a beach ball processing sign when working on your iMac? It seems like you could have an issue with old hard drive or your hard drive is slowly getting bad. Hard drives are mechanical and overtime they get bad due to usage. They have a lifespan of 3-5 years. Don’t worry if you have a slow hard drive or you need to get more storage put on your iMac, the certified techs at Computer Repair Denton can help you get your iMac hard drive replaced.

iMac SSD Upgrade Denton

iMac SSD Upgrade Service Denton

Need a faster iMac for more faster processing or more reliable storage to store your data? We would like to inform you of getting the new storage option for your iMac which is the Solid State Drive. It’s not mechanical like your regular hard drive and is nearly double the speed your hard drive can provide. If you’re tired of slow processing and longer application loading time then getting an SSD upgrade on your iMac is the way to go. Give us a call today and contact us for a quick and affordable SSD upgrade service on your iMac.

iMac Memory Upgrade Denton

iMac RAM Upgrade Service Denton

Do you use heavy rendering and processing applications on your iMac? Are you a professional looking for faster performance from your iMac? Well if that’s the case then the certified techs at Computer Repair Denton can help. We provide complete iMac upgrade solutions for all models of iMac. We understand that applications such as Final Cut Pro, Logic X, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Affects and others need more memory for faster processing. Give us a call today and one of our technicians can help with suggesting you a proper memory upgrade for your needs or stop by our Denton location with your iMac to have one of our technicians diagnose your iMac.

iMac Power Supply Replacement Denton

iMac Power Supply Repair Denton

Is your iMac have problems staying on? Does your iMac randomly restart or does it loose power after certain time of usage? If your iMac is not turning on then it is likely that you have issue with your power supply on your iMac. This issue usually occurs on older models of iMac since they have been severely used and after a while the power supply looses it’s ability to supply enough power for the iMac to turn on or function properly. Don’t worry we can check whether you have an issue with the power supply or other components of the iMac and let you know of the repair options for your Mac accordingly.

iMac OSX Configuration Service Denton

iMac OSX Service Denton

Are you seeing a question mark folder on your iMac? Or do you see a prohibitory sign on your iMac? Or does your iMac boot directly into the disk repair utility or recovery menu? Sometimes you could have a hard drive failure but most of the times it is related to having corrupted Operating system or incompatible operating system. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Any issues with your iMac macOS, we can help solve quickly. Give us a call and our certified techs will be ready to help you right away. We also provide home service for Mac support and repairs.

iMac Screen Replacement Denton

iMac Broken Screen Replacement Denton

Accidents happen and there is no way to prevent something that has already happened, but you can always get things fixed after an accident. Such is the case with a broken iMac screen. We can help get your broken iMac screen fixed. The certified techs at Computer Repair Denton are able to help fix your iMac screen whether it may be 21.5″, 27″, Retina, Non-Retina, 4K Resolution Screen or 5K Resolution Screen. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment with one of our techs and we will help get your iMac screen replaced.

iMac Graphics Card Replacement Denton

iMac Graphics Card Replacement Denton

Do you see green or yellow streaks of lines on your iMac screen? Is your iMac stuck on the Apple loading screen and shuts down when it tries to boot? Is your iMac not able to open heavy rendering applications that require the use of graphics? Do you see shaky display on the iMac screen or do you see an inverted image of the display screen when you turn on your iMac? Don’t worry, if that’s the case then it is likely that you have an issue with the graphics card on your iMac. We will handle and take care of your graphics card issue on your iMac. Give us a call today and we will get any issues with your iMac fixed.

iMac Data Recovery Denton

iMac Data Recovery Service Denton

People don’t usually backup their data and by the time they realize that they should backup their data, it is too late because by then their iMac or storage device on their iMac could have already gone bad. Don’t worry in these situations we are here to help. We provide Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 data recovery services for all models of iMac. Our iMac data recovery service prices differs according to the condition of your hard drive and how damaged your internal storage is. Bring your iMac to our Denton store where we will get your iMac storage diagnosed and we can recover your data for you.

iMac Virus Removal Denton

iMac Virus Removal Service Denton

It is common misconception that Macs don’t get viruses and iMac don’t need virus protection service. These were true back in the day where there were less Apple Mac devices and hackers and programmers didn’t need to focus on creating viruses for Macs since only few people used them. But nowadays with the increasing popularity with the iMac, programmers and hackers have created several viruses focusing on getting your iMac infected and stealing information, locking you out of your own iMac or even deleting your whole profile on your iMac. Don’t worry, if you think that your iMac is infected with a Mac virus then the first thing you have to do is to make sure that you disconnect your iMac from the internet and turn it off. Then you can take it to professional Mac repair service technician to get your iMac diagnosed and get rid of viruses.

Why Choose Our iMac Repair Services Denton?

Professional Tech Services

If you’re in Denton and looking to get any kind of professional repair, upgrade or support service for your computer then we are here to help. We have a team of skilled IT tech experts with several years of expertise in fixing all sorts of tech related issues.

Customer Satisfaction

The main goal of Computer Repair Denton is solving tech problems for our customers and in turn providing satisfactory results to our clients so they are happy with the services that we provide which can be proved by the great customer reviews we have on our services.

Timely Repair Services

We strive to provide repair services at a timely manner and stay in clear communication with our customers. After the initial diagnostic is completed, we give our customer a time frame that the repair is going to be conducted in and when it is expected for pickup.

Certified Technicians

We have a team of highly skilled certified techs working with us that have years of expertise in the tech repair industry and have state of the art repair equipment to get your devices fixed in a timely manner.

Warranty Insured

All of our repairs are done with quality parts from our trusted vendors and that is why we are able to provide almost all of our repair services with limited term warranty on it. If you brought it to our store because of an issue and we get it fixed but the same issue does occur again after we fixed your problem then we got you covered. We will get it fixed for you again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can an iMac screen be fixed?

A: Yes, an iMac screen can be fixed and we can fix it for you by getting it replaced. Just give us a call detailing your iMac model number and year and we can provide you with a free quote on it.

Q: How long do iMacs last on average?

A: If taken care of properly iMacs do tend to last for a long period of time. But some iMac do have a recurring issue like graphics card issue on A1312, A1419, etc. But most likely they have a lifespan of 3-5 years since that is most likely the time for the hard drive to be replaced.

Q: How much does it cost to replace a 27 inch iMac screen?

A: If you can let us know the model of iMac you have and year we can let you know the price for iMac 27 inch screen replacement which starts at $199.

Q: How do you know when your iMac is dying?

A: If your iMac randomly restarts or is extremely slow or freezing or if your iMac takes a long time to load an application and shuts down afterwards then your iMac is dying and needs to get diagnosed and repaired.

Q: Why do iMacs last so long?

A: iMacs are built to last a long time and the macOS is also not as complicated as Windows and don’t push updates on it regularly which might crash the computer and make it dysfunctional.

Q: How do I know if my iMac hard drive is failing?

A: If you’re experiencing slow operations on your iMac then it is likely that you have a failing hard drive. If your iMac takes a long time to boot, that is also a sign of a failing hard drive. If you’re not able to access some files on your iMac then it could be because of a failing hard drive. Bring your iMac to our Denton store where we will get your iMac diagnosed and provide you the best repair or upgrade solution for your iMac.

Q: How often should you replace your iMac?

A: We believe that you shouldn’t have to replace your iMac often but just adding upgrades to your iMac can make your iMac last for a long period of time. If you want to know what upgrades your iMac is capable of then give us a call detailing your iMac model and we can help with getting your iMac upgraded per your requirements and budget.

Q: Do PC’s last longer than Macs?

A: Some PC’s do tend to last longer but some don’t. It is very hard to tell but if taken care of, an iMac will last you for a long time.

Q: How much does Apple charge to fix a screen?

A: What kind of device do you want to fix the screen for. You can check the prices for Apple screen repairs here

Q: How do I fix a corrupted hard drive Mac?

A: In order to fix a corrupted hard drive on your Mac, you’re going to have to reinstall the operating system on it. If you hard drive has physical damage on it then it is better to get a new hard drive or storage on it.

Q: How do I run diagnostics on my iMac?

A: To run diagnostic on your Mac, first turn off the Mac. Then press the power button on the Mac to turn it on whilst holding the D button on the keyboard and it will run diagnostic on your Mac.

Q: How do I recover my Mac hard drive?

A: In order to recover the contents of your hard drive on Mac, you can bring it over to us and we can diagnose what type of recovery is required. Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 extreme case.

Q: Can you fix water damaged Mac?

A: Liquid and water damaged cases are a little complicated but in most cases we are able to make your water damaged Mac functional and working again.

Q: How much does it cost to fix a Mac?

A: The price to get your Mac repair depends on the type of repair that is needed and the parts required for that repair and labor added on it. So, if we know what type of repair it is then we can provide you with a free estimate. Our Mac repair services starts at $69.

Q: Why is my iMac shutting down by itself?

A: If your iMac is shutting down by itself then you could have issues with your power supply, graphics card, hard drive or the motherboard. Bring it over to Computer Repair Denton for quick diagnostic and affordable iMac repairs.