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Looking for an expert PC repair store near the Denton area? Computer repair denton provides diagnostic, repair, upgrade, and support services for all Windows and Mac PC for individual and small businesses. We have a team of skilled professional technicians who have years of expertise in fixing all sorts of issues both hardware and software related. Give us a call today or visit our Denton store to get your PC taken care of and all your PC problems solved.

We work on all PC including iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, iMac Pro, ASUS ROG, Dell Inspiron, Dell Latitude, Dell XPS, Samsung, Acer Nitro, Hp Elitebook, HP Envy, HP Spectre, Microsoft Surface, Razerblade Stealth, Lenovo Ideapad, Lenovo Thinkpad, Lenovo Yoga, HP Pavillion, Dell 2 in 1, Huawei Matebook, ASUS Zenbook, MSI etc. 


Some of the PC Repair Services we provide near the Denton area include

  • Gaming PC Repair Service Denton
  • Windows PC Repair Service Denton
  • Mac PC Repair Service Denton
  • Custom Built Repair Service Denton
  • Computer Power Supply Repair Service Denton
  • PC Graphics Card Repair Service Denton
  • Computer Motherboard Repair Service Denton
  • PC Memory Upgrade Service Denton
  • Desktop Hard drive Replacement Service Denton
  • PC SSD Upgrade Service Denton
  • PC Operating System Configuration Service Denton
  • Laptop Not Turning On Repair Service Denton
  • Windows BIOS update Service Denton
  • Computer Password Reset Service Denton
  • PC Data Recovery Service Denton
  • PC BIOS lock reset Service Denton
  • PC liquid damage repair service Denton
  • Slow PC Repair Service Denton
  • PC hardware components not working repair Denton
  • PC CPU Upgrade Service Denton
  • Windows PC Blue Screen Of Death Repair Service Denton
  • Windows Computer Black Screen Of Death Repair Service Denton
  • Mac or PC White Screen Stuck Repair Service Denton
  • Desktop Virus Removal Service Denton
  • Gaming Build Computer Overheating Repair Service Denton
  • Freezing Computer Repair Service Denton

Desktop Repair

If you’re looking for an expert in the field of desktop repair then look no further because the certified techs at Computer Repair Denton are here to help. We work on all desktop computers of all brands and have solved hundreds of computer issues for our customers both hardware and software related. We provide various upgrade, repair and support services both on-site and remote for the Denton area.

Mac Desktop Repair

iMac Power Supply Repair Denton

Looking for a certified Mac technician to take care of your Desktop problems for you? We work on repairing, upgrading and troubleshooting all Mac Desktops including iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, and Mac Mini.

Are you having issues with upgrading to the latest macOS or want to downgrade to your previous version of macOS? Is your Mac Desktop overheating after long usage? Are you a professional looking to upgrade the specs on your Mac desktop for faster processing and rendering of files? We work with individuals and small businesses in the Denton area providing fast and reliable repairs with limited term warranty on almost all of our Mac repair services. We also provide on-site or home service support for all Mac devices, so feel free to give us a call to book an appointment with one of our techs who will stop by your convenient location to provide your required Mac repairs.

Windows Desktop Repair

Having trouble with your huge desktop PC and need a professional to get it fixed? We understand how important your PC and the data inside the PC is to you. We have certified repair technicians that have years of experience in working on both hardware and software related issues on Windows desktop computers. We work on all brands of Windows computers including HP, Dell, Acer, ASUS, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Razerblade, MSI, Lenovo, Gateway and many more.

Usually software issues on Windows computer happens due to mismatched driver downloaded onto the computer, virus related issues, incorrect BIOS configuration, corrupted operating system or interrupted windows update. And with the hardware issues the problem is usually with the said hardware that is faulty or due to dust or corrosion on the computer. Don’t worry our repair specialists will diagnose your computer and provide you with the best repair, upgrade or troubleshooting options for your desktop computers.

Laptop Repair

Need to get your laptop repaired in Denton? Isn’t it amazing how a small device can perform such heavy calculative tasks for you? From being your planner to helping you stream or grow your business online? No matter how powerful they are, laptops are still machines and they are still prone to failure. Don’t worry in cases when your laptop fails, the certified techs at Computer Repair Denton are here to help get your laptop issues fixed. We work on all brands and models of laptops and have helped hundreds of customers get their laptops fixed.

Apple Laptop Repair

Need an Apple certified technician to help get your MacBook fixed? We fix all sorts of problems relating to MacBooks including screen replacement, battery replacement, charging port repairs, OSX configuration, BIOS or firmware unlock, backlight issue repair, keyboard replacement, trackpad replacement, Wi-fi issue repair, USB port not working repair, liquid damage repair and many more. No matter if you have a problem with your software or hardware, we can help get it fixed for you.

Some Common MacBook Repairs We Provide For Denton Include

  • MacBook Backlight Issue Repair
  • MacBook Screen Repair
  • MacBook Liquid Damage Repair
  • MacBook Battery Replacement
  • MacBook Keyboard Replacement
  • MacBook Logic Board Repair
  • MacBook SSD Upgrade Service
  • MacBook Trackpad Repair Service

Windows Laptop Repair

Do you think that your windows laptop is performing slow? Do you think that it might have viruses or do you need to back up your data from your dead windows laptop? Need to upgrade the performance of your slow laptop? Need to fix a physical or liquid damaged windows laptop near the Denton area? Worry not, because that’s what we are here to do. Computer Repair Denton fixes all issues with windows laptop both hardware and software related including broken screen repairs, battery failure, motherboard failure, slow laptop issues, virus removal, new operating system configuration, memory upgrades, laptop overheating issues repairs and many more. Contact us to get any brand of windows laptop fixed.

Some of the common Windows laptop repairs include

  • Windows Laptop Operating System Configuration
  • Windows Laptop Virus Removal
  • Windows Laptop Screen Repair
  • Windows Laptop Battery Replacement
  • Windows Laptop Trackpad Repair
  • Windows Laptop Keyboard Repair
  • Windows Laptop Liquid Damage Repair
  • Slow Windows Laptop Repair

Why Choose Our PC Repair Services Denton?

Professional Tech Services

If you’re in Denton and looking to get any kind of professional repair, upgrade or support service for your computer then we are here to help. We have a team of skilled IT tech experts with several years of expertise in fixing all sorts of tech related issues.

Customer Satisfaction

The main goal of Computer Repair Denton is solving tech problems for our customers and in turn providing satisfactory results to our clients so they are happy with the services that we provide which can be proved by the great customer reviews we have on our services.

Timely Repair Services

We strive to provide repair services at a timely manner and stay in clear communication with our customers. After the initial diagnostic is completed, we give our customer a time frame that the repair is going to be conducted in and when it is expected for pickup.

Certified Technicians

We have a team of highly skilled certified techs working with us that have years of expertise in the tech repair industry and have state of the art repair equipment to get your devices fixed in a timely manner.

Warranty Insured

All of our repairs are done with quality parts from our trusted vendors and that is why we are able to provide almost all of our repair services with limited term warranty on it. If you brought it to our store because of an issue and we get it fixed but the same issue does occur again after we fixed your problem then we got you covered. We will get it fixed for you again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I fix my PC?

A: Before you begin to fix your PC, first you’re going to have to diagnose the problem with your PC whether it is hardware related or software related. And after that you can try troubleshooting steps if it is a software related issue or hardware swap if it is a hardware related issue.

Q: How much will it cost to fix my computer screen?

A: The price to fix your computer screen depends on various factors such as whether you have a touch screen computer or a non-touch computer. The brand, make and model of the computer and what type of repair expertise is required. For Microsoft Surface and MacBook screens it is more complicated than it is for regular windows computer screens.

Q: Is a 7 year old computer worth fixing?

A: If you have simple issues like hard drive failure or RAM not working then it is worth getting it fixed. But if your 7 year old PC has power supply failure issues or motherboard issue then it is not worth getting it repaired.

Q: How do you diagnose a dead computer?

A: The first step of diagnostic of a dead computer is by verifying if the computer takes power or not. If the computer is not taking power then you can try replacing the power supply on it. If it still does not take power then try unplugging all connections on the board and reconnecting everything. Search for short circuits on the board. If the board is still good and is not taking power then you might have to replace the motherboard or take it to a motherboard repair technician to get it fixed.

Q: Is it worth it to replace motherboard in laptop?

A: Yes, it is worth getting a motherboard on laptops replaced if you have a fairly new laptop and everything works except for the motherboard which is mostly the case in liquid or physical damage cases.

Q: Is it expensive to replace a hard drive?

A: If you want a large storage for your computer then the hard drive replacement on your computer would be a little expensive but if you want a smaller storage then the cost is going to be significantly cheaper.

Q: Is it cheaper to replace a hard drive or buy a new computer?

A: In most cases it is cheaper to replace a hard drive than to buy a new computer but nowadays due to the increase in popularity of chromebooks, it is cheaper to buy chromebooks but everything is stored in the cloud.

Q: Can a computer last 10 years?

A: If taken good care of, computers can last you 10 years or more.

Q: What is a dead PC?

A: A dead PC is a computer that is not turning on which could be because of several reasons such as faulty power supply, loose cable connections, dead CMOS battery, wrong RAM configuration or short circuit or liquid damage on the motherboard. Computer Repair Denton is here to help fix your dead PC for you.

Q: Can HDD be repaired?

A: If your hard disk drive has physical damage then it is best to try to recover the data instead of trying to get it fixed.

Q: How long does a hard drive last?

A: Hard drives have a lifespan of 3-5 years and can last more or less the average lifespan.

Q: Is it worth upgrading my PC to a SSD?

A: When you’re upgrading from a hard disk drive (HDD) to a SSD, you will get improved or faster performance, reliability and less energy consumption.